• What is a Share House?

    「"Share House/House Share" means you share the house with other tenants and live together.
    You have your own bedroom having a lock on its door that enables you to keep your privacy and security.
    You share the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom with everyone living in the same house.
    This way you can enjoy using a wide-open living room and a luxury kitchen that you won't be able to afford if you live alone.
  • Is a house share different from a room share?

    A house share is unlike a room share, an operating agency intermediates to advertise, rent and manage properties.
    If you are renting and sharing an apartment with your friend, you have to pay the full amount of the rent once the roommate moves out. A house share eliminates such a situation.
  • Who are living in shared houses?

    Most of our tenants are Japanese who are working. Many of them have an experience living in abroad.
    The rest of our tenants are foreigners who are in Japan for various purposes.
    Some of them are students from European and Asian countries.
    Others are coming to do internships or working for companies and studying Japanese at Japanese language schools under the Working Holiday Scheme.
  • What are positive aspects of sharing a house?

    One positive aspect of sharing a house is "interacting with people." There is always someone who can welcome you home and listen to your issues that you cannot talk to anyone at work.
    Through this cohousing community, you can broaden your thinking and feel refreshed. Another positive aspect is to help you improve your English by living together with foreigners under the same roof.
    You can also save the initial moving costs. That is also one of the positive aspects of sharing a house.
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I want to enjoy every day
(I want to change my lifestyle habits!)

I have a keen interest in international exchanges
(I want to make foreign friends!)

I want to save the moving costs
(Furnished and no agency fee required!)


The security deposit is one month's rent excluding the common area charge (Kyoekihi). The balance after deducting 20,000 to 30,000 yen (it varies by the type of room) will be returned to you when you move out. A house share requires neither an agency fee nor key money.


The common area charge includes the cost for gas, electricity, water, internet and common consumable items (e.g. toilet paper, cleaning detergent, etc.) You can spend less monthly expenses for a shared house than one room apartment. The reason why our tenants chose to live in shared houses is "to get better value for money if they have to pay their rent every month anyway" not simply "to live cheap". Moreover, in a shared house, you can gain an advantage as if you are living in an apartment having a Living, Dining and Kitchen area with 1 bedroom (1LDK) because you can use the wide-open living room and the large kitchen besides your own bedroom.

Who are suitable for living in a shared house?

People who want to enjoy each other's company in a wide-open living room

People who want to do fun things in life like having a party at home

People who worry about living alone in an unfamiliar place

People who want to establish different lifestyle habits

People who want to interact with people from abroad and learn languages

On the other hand
Who are not very suitable for living in a shared house?

People who are scrupulous and sensitive and excessively interfere with others

People who just live tentatively in a shared house because of no other place

People who force own personal values on others

People who are overly tidy and clean or completely messy and untidy

Advantages for tenants

You can use a well-equipped and large living room

Women feel safe and secure

You can make friends and expand your community

You can learn languages and gain valuable experience through cultural exchange

You can save your moving costs because a house comes fully-furnished

You may be annoyed by housemates making noise or cannot use the kitchen and the bathroom at any time you want. Remember that you live with other people. If you don't care much about such negative aspects, you will be able to make the most of the above positive aspects. You will also find that shared living with others can be surprisingly comfortable.