• What are the age groups of the tenants?

    Many tenants are in their 20s and 30s.
  • Can students live in shared houses?

    Yes. Around 5% of our tenants are students, but most of our tenants are working people. Yes. Around 5% of our tenants are students, but most of our tenants are working people. In case of students, they are studying languages, have studied abroad or came back to Japan after participating in internships. Most of our tenants are forward-looking individuals and willing to live in a shared house and gain new insights into their personal values to prepare to be independent. (Minors are required to have their parent to be a guarantor.)
  • What is the minimum length of a tenancy?

    It is one month. However, a long-term tenant is given first priority to occupy the room if we have multiple applicants.
  • What is the average length of a tenancy?

    It varies from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Can I live with my boyfriend or girlfriend?

    No. We don't accept couples.
  • Can I invite my friends or family to the shared house?

    Yes. You can invite your friends or family as long as you do not disturb other tenants. We often see housemates organizing a party in the living room and inviting their friends to join. In principle, you are not allowed to have friends or family stay overnight in your room. However, due to certain unavoidable circumstances, we ask our tenants to talk to us first.
  • Is there anyone cleaning the shared house? Does each house have a caretaker?

    No. All the tenants take turn in cleaning communal areas and taking out rubbish.
  • Is there a key to each private room door?

    Yes. All the private rooms have secure locks.
  • Do I have to prepare my own bedding?

    Yes. Every room comes with a bed, but you are not allowed to sleep on a mattress of the bed. You must put a mattress pad on the bed and then put a sheet or otherwise use a Shiki-Futon (with a cover) on the bed. Besides, you must also prepare basic bedding set. (e.g. blanket, duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case, etc.)
  • Can I smoke in a shared house?

    No. Smoking is not allowed in all our shared houses. Please smoke in areas where smoking is permitted.
  • Can I park my car or bicycle?

    For cars and motorbikes: You can park your car or motorbike in a parking space if it is available and the house has parking spaces. Please ask us for the parking fee because it varies by house. For bicycles: You can park your bicycle for free if the house has bicycle parking spaces. Some houses may not have parking spaces for bicycles, please ask us for more information.
  • When do I need to pay my monthly rent?

    The rent and common service fee for each month shall be paid in advance before the END of the preceding month. (on or before the end of day of every month)
  • Do you have a curfew on tenants?

    No. We do not set any curfew.
  • Is a washing machine coin-operated?

    No. No washing machine is coin-operated. You can use it free of charge.
  • Can I install a TV in my room?

    A TV is provided only in the living room. You can still bring your own TV only if your room has a TV jack. Please note that not all the private rooms have a TV jack.
  • Can I access the internet?

    Yes. Internet access is available in all the shared houses.
  • How much would the initial moving costs be?

    【SHARE HOUSE】You will pay security deposit (one month's rent), the first month's rent and the communal area charge (Kyouekihi).

    【APARTMENT】You will pay contract fee 50,000 YEN(non-refundable),the first month's rent and the communal area charge (Kyouekihi).
  • Do I need a guarantor?

    No. But we still need phone numbers and email addresses for emergency contacts. (e.g. Telephone number of your parents, relatives, work, school, etc.)
  • Is a shared house available for a company let?

    Yes. Please ask us for more details.
  • Can I cancel my tenancy agreement after reserving a room or signing the contract?

    If you want to cancel your reservation,
    cancellation fees will be charged as follows:
    <14 to 8 days before the date of moving in> 50% of one month's rent
    <7 to 1 day before the date of moving in> 100% of one month's rent
    You are asked to pay one month's rent if you want to terminate your tenancy after signing the contract.
  • Can I send my package to the house before moving in?

    No. You have to be present in the house to receive your package after moving in.
  • Can I do resident registration (Junminhyo toroku) after moving in?

    Yes. You can go to your local city hall to register as a resident.
  • What do I need to do when moving out?

    You must give us one month's notice to end your tenancy. You can call us or use the inquiry form to notify us about your move. If you need to move out urgently, one month's rent will incur from the date of your notification. We will conduct a move-out inspection of your room in your presence and you will be asked to return your room key.
  • What will happened to my deposit?

    We will refund the remaining balance of the deposit will be refunded after deducting handling fee (Share house:20,000 yen , Dormitory:15,000 yen) and other liabilities.