Violet Cloutman

出身-birthplace-:London  職業-occupation-:Copywriter

ーWhat do you do in Japan?

I worked as an intern for a travel company that specialises in trips to Japan

ーWhy did you move into SHN?

As a newcomer to Japan I didn't know anybody in Nagoya, so I wanted to live in a share house so that I could meet new friends and practise my Japanese.

ーWhat are good points of the house?

My house in Osu Kannon was very nice and modern, with a lovely kitchen & common area. It was also in a really great area with lots of nice shops nearby, and it was very convenient for reaching the centre of Nagoya.

ーCharm of SHN?

The best thing about SHN is obviously that you get the chance to live in a house along with Japanese people and foreigners from all over the world, and to learn something about each others' cultures from living together. It's also a great way to improve your Japanese! The group parties organised by the company are also a fantastic way to meet lots more people living in share houses throughout Nagoya.

ーWhat is your best memory in SHN?

I had some lovely evenings having dinner with my housemates in the share house!

ーMessage to the new coming SHN friends, please.

Living in a share house in Japan can be a little different from living in a share house in Europe or America because the culture here is so different, but don't be put off if it isn't what you expected. Have patience and I'm sure you will meet some wonderful friends at SHN!