出身-birthplace-:U.S.  職業-occupation-:Teacher

ーWhat do you do in Japan?

I work as an ALT in Gifu when possible Itry to travel & explore new things and study Japanese.

ーWhy did you move into SHN?

I chose SHN because it affored a variety of great accomedations in good locations out Nagoya at a competitive price.

ーWhat are good points of the house?

The good thing about living at an SHN house is that you can trust the managers to select good people.
The people made it really fun for me and the houses have everything you need to feel right at home.

ーCharm of SHN?

The houses are well decorated and maintained and the staff are very warm ande welcoming as well as helpful.

ーWhat is your best memory in SHN?

My best memories are those of the events and shared house get togethers and meeting like-minded people from other great house.

ーMessage to the new coming SHN friends, please.

If you want to have a fun and unique experience this is definitely the place you will want to stay in Highly Recommended.