出身-birthplace-:Canada  職業-occupation-:会社員

ーWhat do you do in Japan?

Teach English.

ーWhy did you move into SHN?

I move to SHN to meet new friends and to gain a better undarstanding of Japan. My roommates have helped a lot in the transition process.The rent was reasonable.The location was ideal.

ーWhat are good points of the house?

Good points of the house are the location space,Although considered "small" in North American terms,Living in SHN the space is reasonable if you are single.

ーCharm of SHN?

Charm/appeal of SHN is the sense of community.Its a great way to meet people from around the world!

ーWhat is your best memory in SHN?

Best memory is going out with the roommates,having a few drinks the good laughs at the house.

ーMessage to the new coming SHN friends, please.

Get to know people, open up, see where that takes you.Its an adventure so enjoy it!