出身-birthplace-:New Zealand  職業-occupation-:English Teacher

ーWhat do you do in Japan?

I am an English teacher in Nagoya/Gifu area.

ーWhy did you move into SHN?

Because I wanted to live in a place that would enable me to meet more Japanese and foreign people like myself and to make more? friends.

ーWhat are good points of the house?

- We can do language exchange.- Somebody to talk to/socialise with when you get home.
- There is freedom to do your own thing, you only have to follow your own schedule.
- Get to meet Japanese and other travelers from different parts of the world.

ーWhat is your best memory in SHN?

- Having dinners together and going on road trips to places together.

ーMessage to the new coming SHN friends, please.

Welcome to SHN!!! I hope you have a fantastic time living in SHN, I know I did If you want to have independence yet still have the opportunity to have good company and people around the same age as you whom you could potentially hang out with, then SHN is the place for you. Coming from staying at a homestay for 10 months and then to SHN I was really happy to have the freedom to cook what I want, come and go whenever I want, and yet still have that friendly/family atmosphere. The people I have lived with in the Marunouchi SHN were absolutely fantastic and they not only became my friends but my family here in Japan.I will always cherish the awesome times we had