出身-birthplace-:Germany  職業-occupation-:Student

ーWhat do you do in Japan?

I have been an exchange student at Aichi University.

ーWhy did you move into SHN?

After I had to move out of the student's dormitory,I started looking for a new place to stay and found SHN on the internet The web site looked very promising so I decided to apply for a room.

ーWhat are good points of the house?

The size of Yabacho-share house's living room/kitchen is definitely a big plus.The private rooms are also very cozy.And it's not far from downtown Nagoya.

ーCharm of SHN?

I like that you can meet a lot of people from different countries.This gives you a good chance to improve your Japanese and English skills.I feel like I benefitted from that circumstance.

ーWhat is your best memory in SHN?

I can not even name one,because I have many good memories.Probably it's that I made a lot of new good friends who I'm looking forward to meet again one day.

ーMessage to the new coming SHN friends, please.

If you want to meet new people and live in an awesome community please come to SHN ^^