Newest addition to our Issha Share house

I think that the reason Japan is so well know globally, among many things is due in part to the influence its media and entertainment has on the world. Although everyone may not know their names but Japanese characters like Pickachu, Doremon and Mario are all know globally.

「japanese cartoon characters」の画像検索結果

As a foreigner living and working in Japan I am always trying to find new ways to improve my Japanese speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

「japanese study」の画像検索結果


As manga is a large part of Japanese media it has it places in helping learn Japanese.

Manga contains a lot of specific vocabulary and is good for kanji recognition.

「漫画 名言」の画像検索結果

Our staff kindly donated their unneeded manga and we have put them to good use.

Our Ishha share house has just received over 200 manga.

If you are looking to find ways to improve your Japanese and want to enjoy your time in doing so then I believe manga to be a good tool for learning.

Not just for the tenants of our SHN Issha share house but also anyone wanting to improve their Japanese try and read a manga or two, I am certain you’ll learn some new words and grammar.

If not at least you’ll get to find out if Luffy ever becomes the pirate king or not.


Thanks for reading, now go read some manga, I am sure there is a manga for everyone.