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  • This is a share house where people from many different countries live under one roof.

    This is a share house in Yagoto, Nagoya where Japanese and foreigners live under one roof. Our concept is to have a house where foreigners in Japan can live with Japanese people as well as other foreigners. It is a perfect place for those who want to make Japanese friends, meet people from other countries, or just be in an international environment.
  • A Focus on Community

    The biggest appeal of a share house is the relationship you build with your flatmates.
    You become like family by living together, laughing together, and supporting each other.
    We offer both shared and private rooms.
  • A Focus on Lifestyle rather than Scrimping and Saving.

    Here at SHN, we do not just offer housing.
    We offer a home where you can begin a new lifestyle.
  • A Share House Made By You

    Our share house is intentionally designed simply so the residents can customize it themselves.
    I believe that having the residents work together to build their new home will strengthen the sense of community within the house.
  • This share house is suited for people who…

    - want to enjoy each day
    - are studying another language
    - are interested in international exchange
    - have overseas experience
    - just arrived in Japan and want Japanese friends

Message from the Owner

Thank you for visiting our web page.
We run share houses with the concept of international exchange.
I myself lived in a share house in Australia 6 years ago.
During my time there, I encountered different cultures and customs for the first time. Everyday was a new experience.
I was also able to build a family-like connection with my flatmates.
SHN was started with the hopes that our residents will have a pleasant experience.

Vision for the Future

Even as the world is embracing globalization, Japan’s housing situation is still quite closed to foreign residents.
Share houses that are open to foreign residents are gradually spreading in Tokyo, but there are few share houses in other prefectures.

Our wish is to spread happiness by connecting people together.

Representative of SHN
Suguru Yanagi


Live foreigners and Japanese together in Nagoya


Nagoya Tempaku-ku Hachimanyama 103 Yagoto mountain behind Heights 1F
TEL 052-680-9180