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The biggest concept shared house has launched in Nagoya. It is ideally located within walking distance to Nagoya station. Four floors of the building are available for rent and can accommodate up to 28 tenants. Each floor has a specific concept and is equipped with excellent facilities. This attractive property has been designed to not only offer you a living space but also enable you to make utmost use of it as a community of place where you can enjoy living together. We hope that you can benefit from this unique property and it can open new doors to your life and your future.

Location Noritake Hondori, Nakamura-ward, Nagoya
Closest Station Nakamura Kuyakusho on Sakuradori Line (3-minute walk)
Nagoya station on JR Line (10-minute walk)
Capacity 28 people (Rooms on 2nd to 5th fifth floors are for residential purposes.)
Shared Equipment & Facilities Elevators, Fully-equipped kitchen, Large-scale TV, Large refrigerator, Sofa, Washing machine, Drying machine, Air conditioner, Intercom, Shower room, Bathroom, Toilet facilities (with Japanese toilet features including bidet and posterior wash and heated seat), Shoe locker, etc.
Private Equipment & Facilities Air conditioner, Bed, Chair, Desk, Curtains, etc.
Room No. Room Type Gender Rent/month Utilities/month Status
201Single Wooden Floor Room 9.80m²Famale Only57,000yen13,000yenOccupied
202Single Wooden Floor Room 10.04m²Famale Only57,000yen13,000yenOccupied
203Single Wooden Floor Room 9.92m²Famale Only54,000yen13,000yenOccupied
205Single Wooden Floor Room 10.57m²Famale Only56,000yen13,000yenOccupied
206Single Wooden Floor Room 10.94m²Famale Only57,000yen13,000yenOccupied
301Single Wooden Floor Room 11.3m²Mixed47,000yen13,000yenOccupied
302Single Wooden Floor Room 9.34m²Mixed58,000yen13,000yenOccupied
303Single Wooden Floor Room 9.69m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenAvailable
305Single Wooden Floor Room 9.75m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
306Single Wooden Floor Room 10.23m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
307Single Wooden Floor Room 9.75m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
308Single Wooden Floor Room 10.2m²Mixed47,000yen13,000yenAvailable
401Single Wooden Floor Room 11.3m²Mixed61,000yen13,000yenOccupied
403Single Wooden Floor Room 9.34m²Mixed58,000yen13,000yenOccupied
405Single Wooden Floor Room 9.69m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
406Single Wooden Floor Room 9.75m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
407Single Wooden Floor Room 10.23m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenAvailable
408Single Wooden Floor Room 9.75m²Mixed45,000yen13,000yenAvailable
410Single Wooden Floor Room 10.2m²Mixed61,000yen13,000yenOccupied
501Single Wooden Floor Room 11.32m²Famale Only61,000yen13,000yenOccupied
502Single Wooden Floor Room 10.84m²Famale Only45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
503Single Wooden Floor Room 9.72m²Famale Only45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
505Single Wooden Floor Room 9.81m²Famale Only45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
506Single Wooden Floor Room 9.72m²Famale Only45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
507Single Wooden Floor Room 9.72m²Famale Only45,000yen13,000yenOccupied
508Single Wooden Floor Room 9.72m²Famale Only47,000yen13,000yenAvailable
510Single Wooden Floor Room 9.94m²Famale Only61,000yen13,000yenOccupied
511Single Wooden Floor Room 10.1m²Famale Only61,000yen13,000yenOccupied

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Nagoya Tempaku-ku Hachimanyama 103 Yagoto mountain behind Heights 1F
TEL 052-680-9180