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A convenient spot just 1-min walk from the station! Our second sharehouse at Rokubancho, a location with easy access to the city center,SHN Rokubancho II to open!

That is only a minute walk away from [Rokubancho] station!

SHN Rokubancho II is scheduled to open at the end of October 2017.
A single house that accommodates 9 persons.
Kanayama station can be reached by bicycle from Rokubancho station so there is no need to ride the subway if you have a bicycle! There are also convenience stores and supermarkets near the station so the area is really a convenient place to live.
The good thing about this share house is not only the location but also the house itself. It is a chic and cozy house with a great design specially the living room. You would not want to miss a chance to live in this place!
A share house built to give you an experience you can never have with living alone.

Location Nagoya Atsuta Ward
Closest station 1-min walk from [Rokubancho] Subway Station
Capacity 9 people
Age Limit From 18 to 40 years old (male & female)
Internet Access Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
Shared Equipment & Facilities Kitchen, TV, Refrigerator, Sofa, Washing Machine, Aircon, Bathroom, Shower room, Toilet, etc.
Private Equipment & Facilities Aircon, Bed, Desk, Chair, curtain, etc.
Surrounding Environment Supermarket (2-min walk) Convenience Store (5-min walk) Post Office (5-min walk) Electronic Shop (9-min walk)

Latest Availability

Room No. Room Type Gender Rent/month Utilities/month Status
room1Single Wooden Floor Room 8.8m²Mixed42,000yen11,000yen
room2Single Wooden Floor Room 10m²Mixed43,000yen11,000yen
room3Single Wooden Floor Room 10.4m²Mixed45,000yen11,000yen
room4Single Wooden Floor Room 7.6m²Mixed40,000yen11,000yen
room5Single Wooden Floor Room 8.1m²Mixed39,000yen11,000yen
room6Single Wooden Floor Room 8.6m²Mixed43,000yen11,000yen
room7Single Wooden Floor Room 9.2m²Mixed46,000yen11,000yen
room8Single Wooden Floor Room 8.3m²Mixed47,000yen11,000yen
room9Single Wooden Floor Room 8.3m²Mixed47,000yen11,000yen

What's New in this room

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