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The SHN APARTMENT! A first for “Share-House” Nagoya.

The first apartment managed by SHN is just an 11-minute walk away from the Kawana Subway station.

You can use the Tsurumai Subway line from the Kawana Station to reach places within Nagoya.
If you use the Tsurumai Line, you can have easy access to Fushimi, Kamimaezu, Osu-kannon and even Tsurumai Areas without changing trains.
The area near the station has a supermarket (Max Value), Home center (Kahma), banks (The Daisan Bank, Nagoya Bank), and a number of restaurants.
A wide park is also just beside the station so for those who want work out or just have a nice walk, you can always visit the place.
The apartment is at a quiet residential area.
And unlike other share houses, you will have your own kitchen, bathroom, toilet. What more is that it already has furniture and appliances!
It is a single-room all for yourself so you can have more privacy.
There is also a common area where tenants can come and interact with each other.
Living in a share house is a bit scary…but living alone is too lonely… So why not live at SHN’s apartment where you can have best of your private time at the same time interact with other people at the same building.
The SHN Apartment is highly recommended for those who value their personal time.

Location Showa-ward, Nagoya
Closest station Kawa on Tsurumai Line (11 minute-walk)
Capacity 13rooms
Internet Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
Equipment & Facilities kitchen,Bathroom,Refrigerator,Table,Chair,Bed,
Air conditioner,Curtain,Shoe locker,etc
Room No. Room Type Status
101Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
102Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
103Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
105Wooden Floor Room 20m²Available
106Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
107Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
201Wooden Floor Room 20m²Available
202Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
203Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
205Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
206Wooden Floor Room 20m²Occupied
207Wooden Floor Room 20m²Available
208Wooden Floor Room 20m²Available

What's New in this room

For more details, inquiries and schedule for visitation regarding the property above, please feel free to contact us.


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  • How are we responsible for the utility bills
    (gas, electricity, water, etc.)?

    If your lease period is shorter than 3 months, you don’t need anything to get them connected because they are included in the Utility Management Fee (Kyoekihi) of 15,000 yen. (*Please note that if your utility consumption exceeds the maximum bills of 15,000 yen, you still have to pay for the difference.)
    If your lease period is 3 months or longer, we ask you to individually apply for gas , electricity and water service connection and pay the bills in addition to the common area charge (Kyoekihi).
    If you would like us to arrange them,the Utility Management Fee(This includes Common Area Charge)comes to 15,000yen.
  • Is a SHN apartment available for a company let?

    Yes. You will find a SHN apartment is more reasonable than other monthly apartments in Nagoya because of the low initial costs of renting and flexible lease terms to meet your needs.
  • Can foreigners rent SHN apartments?

    Yes. We require neither a guarantor nor a guarantor company. SHN apartments are popular among foreigners who focus on privacy and want to maintain intactness of their private lives. We reassure you that members of our staff are monitoring the tenants’ compliance with rules of the SHN apartments (disposing rubbish, etc.). .
  • Is a SHN apartment available for double occupancy?

    Yes. Your lease agreement needs to be signed by both parties and there is an extra charge for the double occupancy.
  • Is there an internet connection available in the SHN apartments?

    Yes. Wired fiber optic internet connections are available at all SHN apartments. You do not need to sign up to a new contract for yourself because the internet service is included in your monthly charge.
  • Are kitchen tools provided in a SHN apartment?

    No. It comes with furniture and electrical goods, but plates, cutlery and other utensils are not provided and you will be required to bring your own should require their use.
  • How flexible is the lease period?

    It is very flexible and you can rent a SHN apartment for a minimum of 1 month. When you are moving out, we require one month’s notice from you.
  • What do I need when signing my lease agreement?

    You must provide evidence of your identity (a copy is acceptable), fill out your lease agreement prepared by SHN (including emergency contacts) and sign it (stamp it with your seal).
  • How should I pay for the monthly rent?

    You can pay by bank transfer or credit card, or at a convenience store.
  • What should I do when I move out? How is the
    final month’s rent calculated?

    You must give us one month’s notice before you move out. If you are moving out mid-month, your final month’s rent is calculated on a prorate basis.



Live foreigners and Japanese together in Nagoya


Nagoya Tempaku-ku Hachimanyama 103 Yagoto mountain behind Heights 1F
TEL 052-680-9180