International Exchange in Nagoya. Share house which can choose a life  style!
Declaration of Omotenashi- Omotenashi no kokoro - The Heart of Japanese Hospitality
SHN nakamurakoen

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Reason to Choose

  1. Fully furnished
  2. Broad band internet
  3. No key money *One month deposit
  4. Anple community space
  5. Individual rooms and own locks
  6. Walking distance to the stations
Thisi is a Share house wherepoeple from many different countries live under one roof.
It is a perfect place for those who want to make Japanese friends. meet people from other countries, or just be in an international environment.
A focus on community
The biggest appeal of a share house is the relationship you build with your flatmates.
A focus on lifestyle rather than scrimping and saving
Here at SHN. we do not just offer housing. We offer a home where you can begin a new lifestyle.

This share house is suited for people who...

Want to enjoy each day. Are studying another language. Are interested in international exchange. Have overseas exprience. Just arrived in Japan and want Japanese friends.

Reason to Choose


Declaration of Omotenashi

- Omotenashi no kokoro - The Heart of Japanese Hospitality

OMOTENASHI is a unique part of Japanese culture and consists of a cultural value that resides in our hearts. We believe it is also “a competitive advantage” that Japan can boast to the world. The notion that we anticipate the needs of other people we care for, and do our best to satisfy them. We put our heart into making them happy and our true spirit of hospitality can make them feel comfortable and relaxed. That is where trust and rapport are established between us.

SHN (Share House Nagoya) operates shared houses in Nagoya. The concept of our shared house is sharing a house with Japanese people, and people from around the world can live together and experience a cross-cultural exchange. It is suitable for those who want to make more Japanese friends and improve their Japanese language skills, as they have come all the way from their countries to Japan. We aim to offer a service that makes them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Not only do we offer a place to live to people who come to Japan, we also strive to make their life in Japan worthwhile and enjoyable. We help them gain an insight into the culture and customs of Japan hoping that they will love our country more.

In 2020, Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic Games. Japan will attract the attention of many people around the globe as the venue of the world's greatest sporting event. We believe that it is a very meaning event to reaffirm connections with people worldwide. It is truly wonderful that we can bridge nationalities, cultures and various differences, and understand each other with a sense of solidarity and friendship. In 2020, there will be many inspiring moments in Tokyo, which will become our memories, and talked about for generations all over the world.

There are many other attractive cities in Japan besides Tokyo. SHN hereby pledges that we strive to operate shared houses in Nagoya with the heart of Omotenashi to inspire as many people as possible and bring them closer together.